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Tsunami Poems

The Writings of Thrishana Pothupitiya of Sri Lanka

Thrishana Pothupitiya was so moved by the tsunami which struck Sri Lanka on 26th December 2004 that she wrote a poem descibing the emotions, the suffering, the resilience, the hope, the human kindness and the determination of the people of Sri Lanka to rise above the tragedy and look to the future.



The day was clear

The sun shone bright

Upon my island home

When all at once wailing, echoed from her shores.


And it came whirling, swirling, churning and sweeping

A monstrous twenty-foot wave

With a booming voice and mighty hurt

Destroying everything in its way.


For hours the waves swept in

Devastating her shores

Countless people lost their lives

From countless faces hot tears poured.


It came so fast in swirling rage

No time to think, to save themselves

The waves so high swept above their heads

And swept back with their lives.


A heart felt cry echoed throughout

Our beautiful island home.

The whirling sea swept of the smiles

From Sri Lanka's livelihood.


Father and mother grieving

For their loving children lost.

Little children searching everywhere,

Searching for their parents lost.


A grieving father stands by the sea

His dead son in his arms

His agony spread throughout the land

And touched every man’s heart.


The waves destroyed many homes,

It swept off many lives.

But through this pain and sorrow

Our people began to rise.


From far away people came

To lend a helping hand

Humanity poured through the veins

Of every man and child.


The Tsunami which hit our land

On “Uduwap” poya day

Has freed us from ourselves

Has shown us the correct way.


Together all of Sri Lanka

Should get over this ordeal

Every one working together

Regardless of nationality colour and creed.


The waves shattered Sri Lanka

Yet humanity it could not break.

Compassion, love and kindness reached out to all,

And gave hope in every way.


Oh Tsunami you hit us

Expecting us to fall.

But we will rise stronger,

Much better than before.





The BBC have highlighted my poem TSUNAMI YOU HIT MY ISLAND HOME on a BBC website - please see:

President Bill Clinton

President George Bush Sr

I also wrote a poem to commemorate the visits of the two former Presidents of the United States, President Bill Clinton and President George Bush Sr who came to Sri Lanka to see the damage caused by the tsunami.

President Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr 's visit to Sri Lanka


One day in February

When the skies were clear,

Two stars shone bright-

former US Presidents

Stepped into the Colombo light.


They came bringing hope,

Spreading goodwill

Throughout our nation.

The compassionate hearts and kind deeds

Helping us to overcome the sea’s violation.


Clinton and Bush, men with humanity

Etched into their hearts.

Urging us to re-build our homes and livelihoods

Let sorrow depart

As we put the tsunami behind us.


Disaster binds people together said President Clinton,

It shows us the value

Of friendship and humanity.

We will take account of his wise words

And rise above this calamity.


They reached out to Sri Lankans

With helping hands -

When we were sad and down.

President Clinton and Bush spoke with words of loving kindness

To a devastated land.



By Thrishana Pothupitiya



Tsunami You Hit My Island Home - a poem by Thrishana Pothupitiya